Monday, September 7, 2020

The Treasonous Transition Integrity Project: Those Involved Will Stop at Nothing to Prevent 4 More Years of Trump

By Michael S. Rozeff

Anti-Trumpists are planning to prevent Trump from taking office, even if he wins in November. Their plans are on display via the “Transition Integrity Project“.
This thoroughly disgusting, anti-American, seditious and treasonous document pretends to be of scientific character to foresee the future, making claims at simulations and game scenarios. This veneer is false because, for one thing, the results are crafted by leftists, radicals, former government officeholders and campaign officials, united against Trump. People of such beliefs who gather to shoot the breeze about the future are going to produce results that are one-sided and conform to their mistaken assumptions. For another thing, they cannot possibly forecast the future via the expression of their current biases, opinions and beliefs. They do not possess the requisite knowledge of the social and political dynamics at work in the country. What this document does is reveal to us what they are planning to do and what they hope to accomplish. It is not at all an objective account of what might happen; it is a subjective account of what they hope will happen.
How do their plans go? They will contest the election day results. They plan to stretch the election period into November and December. To make this happen, they plan to instigate chaos.
They will unscrupulously try to delegitimize the election and its results. They will go to extremely partisan lengths. They will be unwilling to abide by the election results. They will try to get battleground states governed by Democrats to offer competing slates of electors in order to foul up the Electoral College. They will use legal and extra-legal means. They will shoot for a political sit-down that produces a compromise that alters the system in fundamental ways that ensure Democratic party rule indefinitely. They plan an unprecedented assault on the election outcome.
They want to do away with election night and election night results. They want it to seem dangerous to the country, to the vote and to the outcome of the vote. They want an indefinite period to count mail-in ballots. They want to make vote fraud work to their advantage. They will try to halt ballot counts using the courts. They will call for public protests across the country, thereby creating mayhem. They will try to get military contingents on their side, or at least not at the disposal of Trump’s use to maintain order.
Their plan is to prevent a peaceful administrative transition and to disrupt it. These traitors to the country prioritize their own personal ideologies and gains over the voting public and the constitutional traditions. They aim to throw the election into the Pelosi House.
They will spread fear in every quarter that a fair election will take months. They will be out to benefit themselves financially. They seek to be back in positions of power. These people are reckless. No fabrication will be too outrageous for these closet revolutionaries and totalitarians to employ.
Their plans include sustained and financially supported political battles extending at least through the end of January. The revolution they envisage takes time. Their plans include contesting elections at the state level using sitting Democrats. They plan to claim irregularities so as to prolong the count.
From now on, they will downplay the notion that mail-in ballots and other loose voting practices are causes of fraud. They will continue to claim that protests are peaceful and call for more of them.
They plan to use the next two months to spread their propaganda to the public, to the receptive media, and to permeate the Democrats’ campaign.
These are people who are aiming to undermine the core norms of the republic and the rule of law. They stand for corrupt and authoritarian practices. They are against free and fair elections and peaceful transitions of power. The only administrative stability they support is for their own left-wing people to remain in government through thick and thin.
By contesting a Trump win in the upcoming election, should it occur, the TIP planners will continue the assault on Trump from the left that began in 2015. The leftist revolutionary forces have never let up. The fake Russia collusion project went on for years, followed by the corruption of the Mueller investigation, the incredible lies of Adam Schiff, the corruption of the FBI and Obama in spying on Trump, the futile impeachment and now the blame being placed on Trump for COVID deaths. We may have seen more and bigger lies in the last 4 years than at any other 4-year period in our history.
The above originally appeared at LRC.


  1. I voted for Trump but I am having a hard time understanding what they hate so much about Trump? What is it that they want him to do that he is not doing? Conversely what is it they want him to stop doing? Or is it simply that Trump is an outsider?

    1. He was never supposed to win in their eyes. He subverted all their plans for NWO. Thats what the last 4 years have been about. Now they are trying to stop him winning again.....