Monday, September 21, 2020

"Prime Time' Fist Bumps in the Age of COVID

 Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was introduced today as the head football coach for the Jackson State University football program.

Sanders arrived at the press conference, officially announcing his appointment, with a police escort as the school's marching band played at the Mississippi school.

I liked the COVID defying fist bumps that more than anything deserved the band and police escort. And I guess he is not in favor of defunding the police.

It should never be forgotten that Deion once sought approval for a high fence in the Dallas suburb where he lived, arguing that because of his football superstar status he needed it for his privacy. He received approval for the government zoning variance and then proceeded to put a large sign with his nickname "Prime Time" on the fence.

Deion has a way of creating his  own unique, sometimes peculiar, anti-government rules. Good for him.

Jackson State, a historically black college and a member of the Southwest Athletic Conference in the Football Championship (FCS), finished 4-8 last season under coach John Hendrick.

Sanders made eight Pro Bowls and won two Super Bowls over 14 NFL seasons. He also appeared in 641 games in nine seasons in Major League Baseball, including a season with 56 stolen bases in 115 games for the Cincinnati Reds in 1997.

"God called me to Jackson State," Sanders said on his podcast.

Sanders will finish the season as offensive coordinator at Trinity Christian in Cedar Hill, Texas, before he begins to prepare for the spring season at JSU, which begins at home Feb. 21 against Edward Waters.



  1. I had a very rich buddy who lived in a huge mansion up in the Fremont Hills in Silicon Valley. His neighbors were Deion and M.C. Hammer. I used to kid him about living in the Ghetto. BTW, they were great family people and good neighbors.

  2. Deion has joined the Barstool Sports crew too. Dave Portnoy is very much part of the "enough is enough" crowd when it comes to lockdowns/mask regulations.

  3. I love Sanders. He walks his talk. He is a black man that should be held up by the black community, and all of us, on how a grown man should be a man, not the idiots that are shoved in our face as the black heroes of the community.