Saturday, September 12, 2020

Biden Caught Using Teleprompter During Interview

So Biden knew the questions coming at him and somebody prepared the answers.

How is this guy possibly going to hold up in a "debate," unless he is tipped to the questions in advance? 



  1. Ok so he had a tv to see the other guy and it reflected on the picture I don't think this is a teleprompter

    1. You can clearly see the text window in the upper right corner of the reflection.
      Also, assuming that's "the" Micheal Moore I'd like to think he knows what a teleprompter looks like.

  2. Assuming these debates actually occur, Biden will have to be pumped up with lots of meds in order to even sound coherent.

  3. So you're either ridin' with Biden, the Dementia Party candidate with lovely Kamala pushing the wheelchair or the evil and wicked Ronald Grump, the troll who used to live under the Brooklyn Bridge. Sounds like an epic showdown to me.