Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What To Do If You Shoot Someone

UPDATE: Video fixed.

 Times are crazy, you don't know what predicament you may find yourself in.

Here is some sound advice from Paul Huebl of Crimefile News on what to do if you shoot someone in self-defense:



  1. The link goes to their main page, not to any specific article. I scrolled down about six pages but could not find any article like that.

  2. Call your shovel ready friend and bury the body.
    Everyone needs to know who your shovel ready friend is before hand.

    Or, what I have been told by a couple Sourdoughs here in Fairbanks,(and I am seriously sure a couple of them have experience) “just throw the body in the Tanana River”. It’s glacier fed, and the silt will saturate clothes and suck you down instantly. A dredge pulled a body out of it near here a few years ago, that was a body of a man drowned in the 1920’s so the authorities claimed. The water is so cold his body was perfectly preserved. A fun time is to challenge someone to see who can hold their arm in the water the longest.
    If you can handle a minute you will usually win.

  3. It seems like only law abiding citizens protecting themselves and their loved ones can get in trouble with the Police.

  4. You shoot to kill and keep shooting until the perpetrator is dead. It's your word against a dead man's who can't testify anymore or give his account of what happened.

    1. That is the exact advice my father gave me. If he happens, make sure they are dead. Dead men tell no tales.

  5. Most of the police "detective" work these days is checking cell carrier logs to see who was in the vicinity at the time, and then going asking questions of all who were so exposed by hoping that they will incriminate themselves.

    Start routinely using Faraday cage cellphone pouches when you are carrying. If somebody needs you, they will leave a message or a text which you can check (and respond to) later. If they don't leave a message, it wasn't important anyway.