Monday, August 17, 2020

The Crushing of the American Soul

The authoritarian bastards are doing it.

The percentage of Americans between the age of 18 to 24 who have seriously considered suicide in the last 30 days has, according to the CDC, climbed to 25.5%.

I warned about the possibility months ago back in March about increased suicidal attempts.

The human mind is not built to be forced into a type of isolation where interaction with others is by government regulation limited, where masks are ordered worn to make it difficult to judge facial expressions, where mask are ordered worn causing the inhalation of  gaseous waste, where hope is crushed, where businesses are crushed and life plans are put on hold and for some destroyed.

You have to be a very sick bastard to order such destructive regulations to protect against a virus that is of near-zero consequence for the youth and most others--but helps you in the polls by scaring the hell out of people.

And note the column above reporting on conditions of anxiety or depressive disorder for 18 to 24 years old. It is at 62.9%

It is those that are just coming into their own lives that are suffering the most from the evil lockdowns and other orders.

But it is not only the youth.

The number of prescriptions for antidepressant, anti-anxiety and anti-insomnia medications filled overall per week increased 21% between Feb. 16 and March 15, 2020, according to a recent report by Express Scripts.

Anti-anxiety drugs saw the biggest spike, jumping 34.1%, which was more than double the number of insomnia aids (14.8%), and almost twice as high as antidepressants (18.6%).

“This analysis, showing that many Americans are turning to medications for relief, demonstrates the serious impact COVID-19 may be having on our nation’s mental health,” the report concluded.

What we are witnessing is the early stage crushing by government of the American soul and I really don't know if there are enough of us to fight back.

Most reach for the numbing of the mind or in some cases self-inflicted death under this type of totalitarian crushing of normal human interaction.

It wasn't for nothing that the old Soviet Union was known for its alcoholism. Crush human freedom and many will take to bottle or pill to drown out the horrific reality.

That 24.7% of those between 18 and 24 have started or increased substance abuse during the COVID-tyranny is not a good sign.

The sick bastards are winning.

Current leaders are not good people. They know the truth and continue down this horrific path. History will remember these bastards and scar them for eternity. 

Cuomo, Murphy, de Blasio, Lightfoot, Newsom, Garcetti and Breed to name a few.


(ht David Burns)


  1. Murderers. As Daniel McAdams said, when referring to the covid madness killing our kids, “it pisses me off”!
    Depraved heart murder.

  2. The problem is that this will be blamed on the virus, not the various governments' responses. People assume that there was only one possible response -- masking plus lockdowns -- so governments are absolved of responsibility.

    1. Unfortunately, most people are idiots, which leads to what you're saying. (That said, you are right).

  3. There is a real good children's book I read to my older daughter sometimes called "The Monster Who Ate My Peas." It's an allegory about what happens when you don't take personal responsibility. This entire Covid power grab is exactly the same story as that book.

    These poor young people. They need to put this song on loop for 48 hours and go out and take some souls, as David Goggins would say:

    GET UP!

    It's going to be up to these kids to take us back from the ledge. This 18-24 demographic. I have faith. They will figure it out. And when they do they are going to be very very pissed off. After all, depression is just frustration without the anger.

    David Burns

  4. I've know several people who have died since February. Two were from Covid, one a very old lady and one an aging nurse in my sister's unit.

    Beyond that there were two suicides, one an old guy facing ruin who shot himself, the other a street kid fresh out of foster care who hanged himself.

    The one that really hit me was my friend's little brother. He had close up witnessed his sister's death from a freak accident when he was 6, blamed himself naturally, drank way too much, sobered up last Christmas, then the lockdown came. He started drinking again just sitting home alone, hid it from his family. Destroyed his liver and died from sepsis in June at age 29. In January he was stone cold sober, healthy, succesful and employed, seeing a therapist regularly, looking into joining the preisthood, and now he's dead.