Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Alex Jones On Fire

Alex Jones for the Resistance:

Note: There is a COVID-19 virus, but the government-induced panic over it is a hoax.

Go Alex!



  1. I'd love to hear other's opinions. Is Jones a taint agent? As soon as he is related to a position n it is easy to say that position is just Alex Jones and dismiss as nutty.

    1. Well, since NOBODY else is making a stink, does it matter if he's nuts? Until some **acceptable*** M.O.R. personality comes out against the hoax, we should be damn grateful that this guy is making noise.
      Go, Alex!

    2. There are many very reputable scientists and science against the lockdowns.
      Does Jones's name taint their credibility? In the masses? Not of one such yourself who can discern on facts.

    3. Thanks for being nice to me! True, there are reputable people speaking out against the panic / hoax, but they're TOO quiet. We need some LOUD mouth media types to wake the woke.

    4. Just sitting here re-reading some of the old TL posts & comments and I must have missed this one. I'm with you on this one, Capn: We definitely need LOUD. I seldom agree with Jones's fringe theories, but I do admire his balls of brass attitude and willingness to enter the fray alone (well, with his crew, I'm assuming) . Better than the cowards who just go along to get along and do nothing.

  2. Alex is a shill.
    He is a living straw man argument.
    Meant to make anyone taking anything close to his position to look like a cook
    Well done.