Monday, May 4, 2020

Trump Adviser Says COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Used Before It Is Clear They Are Safe

Just listen to this clown.

Scott Gottlieb, a behind-the-scenes Trump adviser, just said that COVID-19 vaccines may be used to "ring-fence infection in cities while we continue to study them to see if they are safe and effective for mass inoculation."
Is this guy really serious?

What is wrong with the elderly with serious disease just self-isolating, if they choose, instead of ring-fencing residents of an entire city with a vaccine where it is not even clear it is safe OR effective?

The COVID-19 "experts" advising Trump are sick.



  1. There has been a complete bias against using Hydroxychloroquine to the point of claiming it is unsafe, but they are going to give people an untested vaccine. I don't detect any pharmaceutical company influence on this at all.

  2. What could go wrong?