Monday, May 25, 2020

This is What Happened to Murray Sabrin Because of the Lockdown

With the lockdown keeping Murray Sabrin at home, he was able to take a daily break from his writing, teaching, conference arranging and being interviewed to eat some of the food bought and baked by his lovely wife Florence.

This is what happened:

Note to Murray:

This is ok.

Although obesity kills more on an annual basis than COVID-19 by hundreds of thousands, I don't think San Francisco Mayor lockdown artist London Breed, for one, is as concerned about obesity.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed


  1. Murray! Stay away from the challah! :)

  2. I have. We thought we would show what is happening to many Americans because of the lockdown. Florence and I are exhibiting an enormous amount of self-control!

    1. I've moved my pants buttons! Sorry you're in NJ, Florida is almost back to normal. Bahamas opens up on July 1st.