Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Resistance in Action: 'Park Patriots' Freedom Park Mobilization...And Victory

David Burns emails:
This is a must watch!
Indeed, this is awesome.

Mostly moms resist government agents---and win!



  1. How did that female cop pass the physical?

  2. Sunday I had an encounter with a government enforcer. When he told me he was following order I asked, “Will you follow any order?” He stared at me as though I had two heads while giving no answer.

    The ranger was driving down a fire road I was running up. He stopped in front of me, got out, stuck his TSA gloved hand out through the open window of the open truck door telling me to stop. I waved and went by him acting as though I couldn’t hear him because I had ear buds in. I finished the last 75 yards to my turn around and went back down to find the ranger trying to turn his truck around on a flat spot down the road.

    You can guess what he told me. At first I asked questions such as: Why does C-19 mean we can’t use these trails? Does it make sense to keep people from healthy activities in a healthy environment for their health?

    Eventually the masked enforcer got to the orders he was following. That’s when the following orders exchange came up.

    I told him he and the other enforcers are the biggest part of the problem. He is being used to enforce orders that are unlawful and unethical. That instead of stopping people he should be encouraging them to enjoy the trails. He said they tried that and there were too many people. I asked, “How many is too many people?” While he was thinking of how to answer I asked, “Who decides how many people are too many?” Eventually he got to the mayor. “Does the mayor know what is best for everyone in the city?” A question he did not answer but instead told me that someone else would take his place if he didn’t do as he is told. “That is your reason to enforce tyranny, because if you don’t someone else will?”

    He said he has a family to consider. “Do you think you are helping your family by enforcing draconian mandates? Do you want your kids to grow up in this ‘new normal’?” He answered by asking if I wanted a map showing the open parks.

    This guy was not much for thinking for himself or contemplating philosophical and or ethical aspects of existence. He was even afraid of me being within the magic six feet of him when I leaned forward because I couldn’t hear him clearly through the bandana wrapped around his face. When he asked me to back up I told him to go ahead and back up himself if he is so concerned. That tells me this guy has done very little or no research on C-19 and Lockdown-20 outside of corporate media.

    On the way up a group in their early twenties on their way down told me there was a ranger turning people around. We talked for a minute, they thought closing the trails was ridiculous but did not protest. At the end of my encounter with the ranger a hiker, in his twenties, came up to us and asked with a smile if this was the turn around. This is when I ended my encounter with the ranger. As I trotted away I could hear how sheople deal with what they have been trained to respect as authority. Not very encouraging.

  3. How appropriate that this happened in Ron Paul's back yard!