Thursday, May 28, 2020

New York Times Listed Homicide Victim as COVID-19 Death

Yet, another COVID-19 death
On Sunday’s front page of The New York Times, where all the purported COVID-19 deaths were listed, the sixth name listed as dying from COVID-19 was Jordan Driver Haynes, 27, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

It turns out that Haynes was a murder victim.

He was found dead March 12 in a vehicle near U.S. Interstate 380, a victim of what the medical examiner on Wednesday ruled a homicide, according to a press release from the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

“The Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy and ruled the victim’s death a homicide,” said the Wednesday release. “Additional details regarding the homicide will not be released as there is an active, ongoing investigation.”

“Serious question: anyone wonder how far down the list one would have to go to find the first ‘gunshot wound’ or ‘alcohol poisoning’ death?” tweeted former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson. “I’m not going to bother, but unless these names were vetted very carefully (unlikely - the job would be huge), probably not too far.”

Haynes’ name was later omitted from the newspaper’s front-page list of nearly 1,000 names under the banner headline, “U.S. Deaths Near 100,000, An Incalculable Loss.”


(via the Washington Times, ht Felix Bronstein)

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