Monday, May 18, 2020

Resist: Recognize the Enemies of Your Freedom

By Michael S. Rozeff

Who is promoting tests for everyone for the presence of a virus or antibodies? That’s a totalitarian idea, and it has totalitarian consequences. Tests are a badge. They will be used for blackmailing people. Go here, go there. Do not go here or there. Get a mask. You’re okay, you’re not. No drivers’ license for you unless you get a shot. You can’t board an airplane unless you allow this chip under your skin. Sorry, you cannot enter this store unless you show your papers or your personal mark is scanned. Sorry, we do not sell you anything for cash. We require your digital ID so that all your purchases can be entered into a database and tracked by an invisible army of artificial intelligence machines. Sorry, your school locker is not yours, and we will search it. We’ll search you too. Get used to it. Big Brother Is Watching You.

The whole world of control that is opening to our view is absolutely intolerable or should be. It’s totalitarian. The steps so far taken in that direction are baby steps. Watch out. There will always be some excuse, some depression, some disease, some natural catastrophe, some enemy that will be available to extend these powers. They all are moving us to total control. Freedom disappears through these movements.

Total control is the natural goal of people given powers that lie beyond the control or out of the control of each of us. There can be a totalitarian democracy or republic, and it can be as powerful and outrageous in its edicts and despotism as any government run by a single despot or tyrant. If you as an individual person cannot escape from the edicts that control your lives, then you are experiencing totalitarianism. Unlike the Russian case in which a revolution occurred in 1917 followed by Stalin’s multi-year gathering of power, or Hitler’s machinations that rather quickly brought him and the Nazis totalitarian powers, or Mao’s revolution, or Castro’s, we here in America are experiencing a long transformation with no clear ending point yet. The war is still being fought. The totalitarians have won many battles. If freedom doesn’t win legally or via politics, there will be open warfare. Too many millions of people accept the totalitarianism and too many millions do not. If they cannot settle their differences within politics, they will settle them by might.

Totalitarian control can take hold all too quickly, as this virus episode shows. Lockdowns are intolerable. They are totalitarian. The people resisting them are freedom-fighters. They are heroes. No threat of any kind should result in totalitarian measures like these lockdowns. School lockdowns, a bad idea too, introduced this measure. Then came building and city lockdowns, here and there, as in Boston. Now we get this. Absolutely awful. Intolerable. This lockdown thing has got to end and it’s got to be seen in retrospect as a gigantic totalitarian measure, not just a blunder, which it has also been.

Any national thing that touches everyone coercively, directly or indirectly, is a totalitarian danger. Anything. If it’s registering for a draft, getting a REAL ID, getting a Social Security number, being forced to use digital money, which means all your transactions can be tracked, tracking of your internet movements, surveillance cameras everywhere that can track your physical movements, computer gadgets in your car (if personal cars survive) that allow tracking of your movements, facial recognition technology, social credit scoring, mass vaccinations, mass control over diet, control over guns, etc. etc.

Tie-ins that prevent you from doing something unless you are tested, vaccinated, give up your cash, etc., these are all blackmailing you into a totalitarian system.

There is never a way for governments to do anything along these totalitarian lines while simultaneously protecting your anonymity or safety. All the snooping is a totalitarian threat. All of it can be used against you. If it can, it eventually will.

If an asteroid is headed for North America, real or fabricated, it will be the occasion, one of many such occasions, to mobilize all the totalitarian measures that have already been enacted and consolidate them into one totalitarian state.

Resist. Recognize the enemies of your freedom. Recognize who wants total control over you, and who does not. Recognize who is representing themselves falsely. Recognize every measure that’s anti-freedom. Resist them. Reject them. Organize. Create web sites that pressure politicians. Feel free to criticize the totalitarians among us. Expose them. Expose the totalitarian meaning of their ideas and recommendations. Resist. How? You decide. You choose the sensible means. You find ways that suit you. But the time is coming when you will have to decide. Do you give in? Do you accede? Or do you resist?

The above originally appeared at LRC.

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