Monday, May 18, 2020

In Florida, 83 Percent of Coronavirus Deaths are People 65 and Older

The Tampa Bay Times analyzed data and reports from the Florida Department of Health and medical examiners offices around the state and determined that 83 percent of those who’ve died of COVID-19 in Florida were over 65 years old.

Of those confirmed infected and over 85, 25% have died.

The virus is largely a serious threat only to the elderly. Outbreaks have devastated nursing homes in nearly every corner of the state, from the Panhandle down to the Atlantic coast, reports the Times.

It is simply bizarre to lockdown the working class and the shopping class who are not commuting to work, or traveling to a mall, from their nursing home beds.

The lockdown artist power freaks at the state and local levels will be remembered in history as some of the most horrific "leaders" the country has ever seen.

There is no science behind their lockdown orders or their orders to wear masks.

In fact, the science points in the other direction that long-term mask-wearing prevents the proper inhalation of fresh air--and, of course, we know the lockdown, itself, kills in many ways.



  1. I agree with this article 100%.

  2. Iow, 83% of people who died from this virus were on medicare.
    Medicare for all? Anyone?

  3. When will you understand RW that this is an engineered opportunity to remove what few rights or perceived rights that remain from all the other totalitarian opportunities that have done the exact same thing before?

    Wait until virus spikes 2 3 and 4