Friday, May 29, 2020

New York’s Largest Hospital System Probing Whether Ventilators Caused Coronavirus Deaths

New York’s largest hospital system, Northwell, is conducting a sweeping analysis of its use of ventilators while treating coronavirus patients during the peak of the pandemic — over concerns that an over-reliance on the machines may have cost lives, reports The New York Post.

The Post goes on:
For so many sick COVID-19 patients, getting attached to a mechanical ventilator was a death sentence. More than two-thirds of the patients in Northwell Health facilities hooked to ventilators died in March and early April and the fatality rate was similar at other hospitals...
“One theory is if you put some patients on a ventilator, you might irritate the lungs more. That’s a theory we’re looking at,” Dr. Thomas McGinn, Northwell’s senior vice president and deputy physician-in-chief, told The Post.
There are a lot of sick and incompetent bastards all around this COVID-19 panic who don't even study reports that are out there--or have other agendas.

I am glad to see the investigations are beginning.

Politicians, government health officials, for starters, should be brought in by Congress and put under oath, let's see what these bastards knew when and what they didn't know that they should have.

Recall what happened to me when I raised the potential problems with ventilators more than a month ago: I Have Been Banned From Talking About Ventilator Treatment Killing COVID-19 Patients.

Northwell runs Lenox Hill, Long Island Jewish and Staten Island University hospitals, as well as other regional hospitals. They are doing heroic work by conducting the probe.

Here are warnings I published about ventilators as far back as March, when Fauci, Birx and Trump were aggressively promoting the number of ventilators being distributed:  (see second video in this post)
Here is a scientific study I linked to:
I single Fauci out as the most evil. There is something seriously wrong with the man. He suckered the world with his conman style coprolite that regularly was contradictory and often illogical.

Next, come government officials who still have stringent lockdowns on despite even more evidence that their actions are harmful in many ways, including growing suicides


(ht Felix Bronstein)


  1. Maybe they want increasing suicides?

  2. Most likely it is an investigation for the purpose of sequestering/hiding/destroying evidence before the lawsuits come.