Sunday, April 5, 2020

Are Ventilators Killing COVID-19 Patients?

I am far from a medical expert but I post here, for the record, two videos.

The first is a reposting of a video (4 minutes long) that I originally published on March 16.

At the time I wrote this:
First COVID-19 Autopsy Provides Critical Insight
Now, this guy is a serious player, you have to watch to the end but note at one point he says that ventilators might not be helping. 
Which, of course, means the drama from non-professionals about ventilators is absurd and ways must be found to treat the real symptoms.

The second is a new video (6 minutes long) put up by Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell who has been working at the bedside of COVID-19 patients in NYC:
Could the clown Tony Fauci be providing bad advice to Trump from start to (unfortunately) finish?



  1. My first thought is why is Dr. Kyle-Sidell still in his scrubs if C-19 is so dangerous? If he is for real and C-19 is for real wouldn't he avoid as much as possible bringing it into his home.

    Does the virus hide hypoxia from the body? Maybe it turns off normal feedback that would help the body compensate such as increased heart rate. Maybe it’s not affecting kids because their feedback mechanisms are more heightened than adults.

  2. He may be just going in to work or may have simply put his scrubs on for the video

    1. Exactly. He would probably would have lost some credibility from viewers if he was sitting there in a Tommy Bahama t shirt

  3. 5G? The tin hats say yes and the establishment says no. Here is something to take into consideration in regard to C-19.

    From There is a substantial RF oxygen absorption peak in the 60GHz band, which gets more pronounced at ranges beyond 100 meters. Using a high-gain adaptive antenna array can help make up for some of these issues with using 60GHz for wider area applications.

    My comments: Similar to how microwave ovens using 2.4 GHz impact water molecules in food. 60 GHz RF causes the electrons surrounding oxygen molecules to spin. Changes to the spin frequencies to the electrons of oxygen molecules can have impacts on human biology.

  4. Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD has posted several very important videos. At least one doctor has replied to him & said that they think this illness is from 5G. He works in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine Maimonides Medical Center, New York City, New York. Check out his YouTube & Twitter accounts.

    here are 2 more recent vids
    both under 2 minutes

    Last week, the ACMT American College of Medical Toxicology conducted a webinar on 'Medical and public health considerations of COVID-19' - A Collaborative Web Series on emerging topics and featuring voices from the front lines." The url is here:

    Dr. Kyle-Sidell is listed under "topics and presenters - updates from the front lines".

    As he tweeted, in this video he speaks from 1:00:47 about what he has seen and at minute 1:09:35 Dr. Sidell asks "is it possible, that in short, we are causing lung injury while we are trying to save these patients? And this is not something I have an answer for... but the findings by .... (??) and from everything else I'm reading, suggests that we need to, at least open our minds to the possibility. Primarily because that means that the interventions that we are using, we may be using in a stage too late

    The facilitator responds, "Dr. Sidell this is a really keen and insightful observations which can hopefully generate additional thoughts way beyond this session today..."

  5. Dr. David Brownstein of suburban Detroit who is often published by Lew Rockwell insists that sick patients must received an IV of Vitamin C ASAP and use a nebulizer containing food grade hydrogen peroxide for the serious lung issues. He also notes that none of this is ever mentioned by the MSM.

    Coronavirus XIV: The Good News is Still There But Not Reported By Mainstream Media

    There Is Still Hope Out There V: More About Nebulizing

    ‘It (fever) hit me very hard and fast last Saturday night…..I had to go laydown. I was exhausted…..’

    These are the words of my cousin and good friend, Jeremiah Freedman, who is a chiropractor in Ohio. Last weekend Jeremiah had shortness of breath, which is one of the symptoms of COVID19. He also had flu-like symptoms.

    Watch my interview to learn how Jeremiah recovered by taking high doses of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D & iodine and nebulization.

    The way this virus is being covered by the MSM is like when they never ever mentioned that Obama and Biden installed Nazis in the government of Ukraine.

  6. It would also help to release people from house arrest too.

    Not only would they get UV rays that build up vitamin D, but they would avoid the coronavirus' preferred environment which is enclosed spaces where people are trapped for several hours at a time.

    Literally, sending kids home and trapping them all together with older adults, particularly the elderly, is virtually assuring more people get sick faster.

    RW basic premise here is correct in that certain political ideologies actually want to rack up a huge sick & dead count to advance their agenda.

    Its evil how they are so callously doing this.....and I am not even counting the longer term millions of dead from economic collapse.