Tuesday, April 7, 2020

More COVID-19 Scare Propaganda From the New York Post

Ok, this is the blaring headline at the New York Post online:

Holy coprolite!

Are things really getting that bad with COVID-19?


The story under the headline included this video clip:


And then the Post explained:
Disturbing new drone video shows a crew of city inmates in protective gear burying coffins in a mass grave on Hart Island — where the city says it may bury the mounting dead from the COVID-19 pandemic.
The newly released footage, shot Thursday, shows more than a half-dozen white-clad prisoners lower wooden coffins into the ground, then stand by as a bulldozer and backhoe dump mounds of dirt on at least 20 of the boxes, which are lined up at the end of a long trench.
But after the blaring headline, a video, and two paragraphs, there was this:
Burials are a common sight on the island, where the city has used inmates to inter the Big Apple’s anonymous and unclaimed dead for 150 years. 


  1. Wikipedia's article for the island says NYC buries an average of 1500 people there per year in the 21st century thus far. I expect that entry will get edited soon to match up with current narratives.

  2. "may show"

    When you see weasel words like that in a news article you know for sure you're being been bamboozled.