Friday, April 10, 2020

CNN's Anderson Cooper Just Exposed Anthony Fauci Big Time

Yesterday on CNN, Anderson Cooper had Magic Johnson on as a guest.

 During their exchange, Cooper asked Johnson about AZT:
Let me add some follow-up on what Sanjay was saying, we’re talking about azt as you mentioned in ‘91 when you announced you were positive as you said that was the only thing that was out there, and a lot of activists had, you know, fought to get that drug brought quickly onto the market so that they could use it. There wasn’t, you know, the amount of testing that there would normally be because it was such a desperate situation, and it turned out azt alone was not effective and had actually really hurt a lot of people and probably resulted in people dying. Were you back — I don’t know if you — I don’t want to ask too many personal questions but was azt something you tried or attempted to because I know a lot of people who survived said they chose not to try azt and feel like that kept them alive at least long enough to get the cocktail of which azt was also involved with.
Watch here:


 It was Fauci who pushed Johnson to try AZT before it was properly tested. I reported in the post, What You Don't Know About Dr. Tony Fauci, Peter Duesberg wrote about it in his book:
 In November 1991, Magic Johnson proved to be HIV-positive when he applied for a marriage license. Magic was totally healthy, until AIDS specialist Anthony Fauci from the NIH, David Ho, now director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS research center in New York, and Magic's personal doctor advised AIDS prophylaxis with AZT. Magic's health changed radically within a few days. The press wrote in December 1991: "Magic seeing his worst nightmare comes through - - he's getting sicker." Only after he began taking AZT did Magic's health begin to decline...but then suddenly Magic's symptoms disappeared--and so did all the news about his symptoms and treatment... Magic responded to a teacher that "he had been taking AZT for a while, but had stopped." The media preferred not to mention the news.
Anderson doesn't appear to be aware of this when he brought up AZT with Johnson, but his attack on AZT was a direct attack on Fauci and his practices.

Fauci is dishonest and has a long history of failing to follow general scientific protocol, so it should be no surprise that he regularly makes dishonest and contradictory statements during COVID-19 press conferences.



  1. Once bitten, twice shy.

    I think I understand why Fauci is paranoid now about saying anything positive about hydroxychloroquine in the press briefings.

    1. Fauci is a bureaucrat pretending to be a doctor.

      He should be paranoid about rope and soap. Because if he keeps going like he's doing now it's what he's going to get.

  2. If the 2 doctors on the podium with the Prez have been working on and over seeing aids research for almost 40 years what kind of help can they possilby offer. Seems as if they are totally useless

  3. Perhaps the problem centers on the fact that most people especially media people, expect the state in the person of Fauci to tell them what to do in this situation rather than a decentralized medical and science community producing real results and good arguments, and spreading that information in the wider society so that individuals can decide what to do with it. And of course Fauci's dictatorial proclivities dovetail with the prevailing public attitude that the government "should do something" and thus make him the ideal man for the job.