Monday, April 27, 2020

A Change of Pace: A Non-COVID-19 Post

This is a post of a Youtube by India who seems to have a pretty good gig going by reacting to songs.

In the video below, she reacts to the Rolling Stones song "Some Girls."

Those of you who know the lyrics to the song, know that it is going to get real interesting for India soon enough.

 But she handles it in a very adult fashion with no politically correct nonsense. Be sure to listen to her summary at the end.




  1. A lot of p.c. wokeness is really "performative wokeness". It's done to perform to an audience. Most young people with common sense can see through it as well as anyone.

    Sometimes liberty minded people play into the hands of the performer - who are generally trying to push a progressive / socialist agenda which they believe will benefit their favourite victim group in the zero sum game world they believe we all live in.

    It's probably best not give them a stage or an audience. Social media of course provides them a wonderful stage - whether people actually need social media for anything is another matter.

    Here is a rather extreme example of PC in the midst of Corona. A feminist "scholar" (yeah, sure - are they a scholar if they can't accurately and without ad hom critique reflect their alleged opponents' views?) doesn't want the Oxford University anti-virus team to come up with a vaccine. It would only make old white guys look good!

  2. I first noticed these reaction videos about a year ago when this video reacting to the Steely Dan classic Kid Charlemagne came up on a YouTube “up next”.

    Most of these videos I have noticed are produced by black people reacting to 1970’s white rockers. Kind of cool but not something I don’t want to spend much time watching.

    I prefer this breakdown of Kid Charlemagne by Rick Beato He does a good job of going through some of the best guitar tracks on a rock song by Larry Carlton.

  3. My favorite comment from India is "Jesse Jackson is small minded, I should probably know him but I don't." She seems totally a-political. I love that attitude but not crazy about her choice of art.