Thursday, March 26, 2020

Why Are Media Pundits Trying to Discredit Hydroxychloroquine?

This is a great take from Tucker Carlson about how the anti-Trump movement is behind the attack on hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for those infected with COVID-19.

They put getting Trump over a possible sound treatment.




  1. I think the anti-Trump movement's lockdowns are increasing the death toll too

    If as the Ginn report clear cited not just the Princess Cruise evidence but also WHO & CDC data that said the BEST ENVIRONMENT FOR THE VIRUS TO THRIVE was in enclosed spaces where people were trapped for several hours these then lockdown would seem to be the WORST thing we can do!

    For gosh sake, the WHO & CDC, no big Trump fanboys, said that 75%-86% of the infections came from somebody in the household….

    The WHO also concluded that “true community spread was not possible” because it did not stay in the air but fell on surfaces so why lock people indoors?

    They need to be outdoors in sunlight and fresh air not breathing in virus from other infected people in enclosed spaces

    Why aren’t people questioning the Lockdown on the basis of the medical evidence?

    Literally, it seems like the “lockdown” governors and mayor may actually want to kill people to score political points by racking up a huge case and death toll!

    Why doesn’t someone publically question the lockdown as being counter productive and even deadly political grandstanding

    It would be nice to see a Tucker Carlson or someone of similar stature investigate this too

  2. The bankers need the panic to last for a while so they can get prolonged access to sweet deals and bailouts. The Fed insanity will last longer if the panic lasts for longer.

    Jsut imagine what the ROI is currently on spreading panic by suppressing all news of potential treatments !