Monday, March 23, 2020

A Report From Paris on Its Lockdown

Authoritarianism is in full bloom in Paris this spring and there is nothing pretty about it.

A friend reports:
The lockdown in Paris is extremely severe.

Every individual has been assigned an identity paper. It can be accessed from a cell phone but needs to be printed out.

On the paper, a person must designate exactly why they are out of the house in terms of the allowed reasons for being out of the house and the reason must be timestamped on the paper.

Reasons for being out of the house are limited to buying food, visiting the doctor, walking the dog or going for a solitary jog in your own neighbourhood---and the number of times you can do these things are limited.

Police check the papers and anyone in violation is fined.
From RTE News:
 France is calling up helicopters and drones to boost the government's attempts to keep people in their homes.

A national gendarmerie source said: "The helicopters will give us a larger vision and a panoramic view of the situation in real time to help guide the patrols on the ground."

One helicopter was already in use today, hovering above major Paris parks to ensure that confinement rules were respected...

Drones will also be used to help keep people confined, in particular to keep an eye on the banks of the Seine.
From The New York Times:
 People leaving their homes now have to sign and carry a form explaining the reasons for their movements, or face fines. Across the city, police officers began stopping pedestrians and pulling over cars to inspect their papers.


  1. No panzers this time, huh? You chose this occupation government. The silent plunder and pillage is under way, and you didn't even have to make a white flag this time.

  2. Seems totally reasonable for ~670 deaths as of this post

    Hey what would these nutjobs do if we ever saw a virus that actually kills people in large numbers?

    1. They will run away. Some of them will start looting. Police is better at looting than any less organized gang.

  3. Could you provide the info on The NY Times article? I couldn’t find it.

  4. Similar to 911 and the subsequent anthrax ordeal this pandemic was recently simulated at Event 210 last October. For normies the official reports and videos seem like well meaning, intelligent authorities preparing for probabilities. But of course the solutions are worse than the disease.

    As RW posted “Before the virus panic broke out, Hong Kong, France (the yellow jackets) and Iran all had unruly masses on the streets for months protesting their respective governments. Top government officials were at wits’end on dealing with the protesters, that has now changed.”

    It is up to the masses to determine how far the powers that should not be will be allowed to go.

  5. This will happen when you vote for politicians to do things that you know are immoral if you do them.