Thursday, May 2, 2019

Russia Ignores Sanctions to Heroically Employ North Korean Laborers

On the heels of Kim Jong Un’s summit with Vladimir Putin, the number of North Korean laborers being dispatched to Russia appears to be increasing, reports Daily NK.

A lawmaker told Interfax News agency on April 16 that North Korean officials requested Russia continue to employ the country’s overseas workers despite sanctions stipulating their repatriation by the end of 2019.

Oh Gyeong Seob of the Korea Institute for National Unification said that North Korean contract workers may also be engaging in illegal work after entering the country on travel visas.
“This has been a tried and true method used by the North Korean authorities to send its workers to China and seems to be the same tactic at play with the Russia influx, as they can’t officially accept new North Korean contract labor due to the sanctions," he added.
"The women usually work at textile or seafood processing factories and the men usually work on construction projects,” a source close to North Korean affairs in Russia told Daily NK.
Peace through trade always beats U.S. style bullying.

Trump is losing a perfect opportunity to deescalate tensions with North Korea. 

He should stop listening to his warhawk neocon advisers, make peace and win the Nobel Prize. 

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