Sunday, March 17, 2019

Bob Woodson on the Absurdity of Reparations for Slavery

Must view. This is very impressive plus some historical facts I wasn't aware of.



(ht Dale Steinreich)


  1. In reality, the people pushing this couldn't care less about "reparations" and probably know fully that it won't fix a damned thing. This is about buying votes. "What can I do to buy your vote? Free healthcare? Free college? Reparations?....."

    But this guy is right. Also, if you are the descendant of both a slave and a slave owner, then what? You can be black and more closely related to a white slave owner than a white person.

  2. 1. That's Bob Woodson in the video. Rod Woodson played for the Steelers.

    2. My ancestors came to Detroit from southern Ontario in 1912. Slaves escaped to freedom in southern Ontario before emancipation. Do I owe reparations?

  3. a great segment. At the end he was virtually quoting the late great Malcolm X.

  4. The people pushing reparations know this wouldn't change a damn thing. But this is purely a political power play. It has nothing to do with supposedly righting past injustices. In any case, White America already paid reparations in the form of the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the Civil War. Debt paid in blood.