Saturday, March 16, 2019

INCREDIBLE Escalating Violence in France: Yellow Vests Have Police on the Run

Update below: Macron skiing. 

Here are incredible scenes from the YellowVest protests in France.

It appears that the YellowVest protesters are gaining the upper hand against the French police.

Of course, the question is, as always in these protests/revolutions: What do the protesters want to replace the current government with? Answer: Probably not liberty.




  1. Possibly the Yellow Vests want the invasion of their country to stop. Invasions are usually an act of war, but in this case the invasion was invited by their own ersatz rulers.

    1. Normally one abhors an invasion because, among other reasons, it will destroy one's homeland. But if these pictures are accurate, the Yellow Vests are themselves destroying their homeland. That's just awkward logic.

    2. Besides the yellow vests who are burning the whole country, who invaded?

    3. @Napster, I'm confused. Wouldn't Libertarians welcome invasion? Free movement of people and all.

    4. Robert What?, there may indeed be some libertarians who have that view, but my brand of libertarianism does not favor free movement of people, except across unowned land, nor state management of borders, but rather private enforcement of private-property borders.