Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The New Year's Antiwar Message of a Pink Floyd Band Member

Donxon emails:

This is brief and worth reading.  I don't know if you're hip to Roger Waters.  He was the bass player and lyricist for Pink Floyd 1966-1984.  His dad died fighting Nazis in WW2 before he ever met him.  It seems to have left an impression. 

I think there are many many leftists with typical leftist sentiments who are just one or two economics lessons away from libertarianism.   Waters makes frequent references to "The Oligarchs" running the world, and most leftists have similar instincts, but they are sorely confused about HOW these psychos operate and control people.  Our job as libertarians is to clear up their confusion.

The typical leftist is like a thoroughly groomed child abuse victim who sees his abuser as his protector and performs all sorts of mental gymnastics to rationalize the arbitrary violence.  Too often libertarians get pulled into boxing the tar baby of the culture war rather than accepting the culture of whoever we are talking to as the lay of the land and getting on with our work.

Roger Waters has a huge audience.  Someone needs to put Anatomy Of The State in his hands.

Happy New Year,

RW  thoughts:

There are a few old-school lefties that are anti-war. I come across them once and awhile here in San Francisco but they are few and far between.

Waters should be considered a strong second-hand dealer in ideas, so if he ever came out with a powerful anti-war song, it would impact some.

As far as a move toward libertarianism by Waters, it's possible but a long shot. At least old-school lefties like Waters are willing to debate and discuss issues, just like Alan Dershowitz and Noam Chomsky, as opposed to the new breed who are all about shutting down opposing speech.

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