Monday, November 26, 2018

Who Should You Call For Assertiveness Training, Trump?

At the post, A Question (And a Suggestion) for Walter Block, the commenter Sherlock writes:
Regarding Non-PC and youth:

While the news seems to highlight easily triggered, snowflake trigglypuff students, my experience has been quite the opposite. Whenever I break the "PC ice" around these younger folks (I'm 33), I feel/witness an immediate sense of relief in the group.

Trump's performance at the Acosta presser was inspiring. Strange to say, I felt "freer" after that one. I'm less afraid to speak up around nincompoops, as I saw on display how Trump leave them speechless - at least in the moment (remember the woman that asked him about white nationalism during that same presser?).

Edge to Trump. Thanks to him, I see that speaking your mind actually works. I see that liberals and leftist don't have hegemonic control of the national conversation; in fact, they are impotent to someone with balls. I'm sure my experience is the same with others
RW  response:

Oh please, Acosta is an establishment approved clown but rump is an intellectual lightweight triggering the masses in a very crude and base way. The type of way that Hayek warned about in Chapter 10 of The Road to Serfdom

The only thing you are going to learn from Trump is how to act like a caveman-style ass.

If you really need to learn how to respond to those who challenge you, watch Jordan Peterson YouTube videos. Or better yet, call Dr. Michael Edelstein for assertiveness training.

The problem with Trump is that he has triggered both sides to act at a very base level where the fight is to grab and stomp and win.

This is not a move toward liberty and civilization. It is a move toward barbarism and terror.

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  1. You missed and did not address my point. It was not the content of Trump's speech, it's that he is not intimidated by these established hacks.

    Sure. He's a buffoon. Not the point. He smashes the PC left, who are much more toxic to liberty than than anything Trump has done or can do.

    Culture trumps policy.