Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Amazon Evil: Is Locating Near Washington D.C. About Getting Billion Dollar Government Contracts?

I have already raised the question: Why would Amazon want to relocate to an area like D.C. that has little special in terms of Amazon-needed support outside of quick access to the Deep State? (See: DISTURBING: Amazon in Advanced Talks to Move Its Headquarters to Washington D.C. Area).

Now we get an idea of just how evil Amazon might get.
From Market Watch:
HQ2 in the D.C. area could help Amazon snag a $10 billion Pentagon contract

The potential new site in the northern Virginia suburb of Crystal City, Va., “could only help the chances of Bezos & Co. landing JEDI,” said Wedbush Securities analysts in a note dated Friday. That’s a reference to the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract, which could be worth as much as $10 billion over a decade and is expected to be awarded in April...

The Virginia location would sit “in the shadows of the Pentagon,” put thousands more Amazon employees inside the Beltway and represent a “well-timed move,” said Wedbush analysts Daniel Ives, Michael Pachter and Strecker Backe.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos could be the ultimate Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde real-life freak. He does wonderful things to advance the standard of living for consumers but also is a major provider of efficiency to the Deep State.



  1. Don't buy much on Amazon besides books anymore. Amazon prime is nice, but the quality of the goods on there is generally low.

  2. What does Bezos want? What drives him? Why isn't he sippin' daiquiris and chasing tail? Don't trust a man without vices. He's up to something.

  3. There was little doubt to those paying attention after the Wapo acquisition there would have to be a serious reason for him NOT TO relocate to the swamp.

    He is the monopoly of the future think Tyrell Corporation or Weyland-Yutani Corporation of Scifi fame