Monday, October 15, 2018

Saudi Arabia: The Government That Couldn't Do Murder Cover-Up Straight

UPDATE below: Pompeo to aid in the coverup. 

Let's put it this way, OJ Simpson's hunt for Nicole Simpson's killer has better creds than the latest moves by Saudi Arabia in their "investigation" to determine what happened to Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi after he went missing nearly two weeks ago upon entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Turkey.

This morning Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has announced that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are expected to conduct a joint “inspection” on Monday of the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, where the disappearance apparently took place.

But just minutes after the announcement, a cleaning crew with mops, trash bags and cartons of milk walked in past journalists waiting outside the consulate.

Meanwhile back in the USA, President Trump said he spoke to Saudi Arabian King Salman  and that the King denied any knowledge concerning the disappearance/killing of Khashoggi. The President speculated that the King was probably thinking it was a "rogue" 15-man hit team that killed Khasoggi---inside the Saudi consulate.



Trump is sending Secretary of State Pompeo to Saudi Arabia, immediately.

What could Pompeo possibly do in the Kingdom other than provide U. S. assistance in the coverup?


  1. At the get-go MBS should have reached out to a professional "cleaner" like G.H.W. Bush or HRC. This would have been a heart attack, suicide, or if all else failed a plane crash. He has a lot to learn this young tyrant.

    1. It's pretty easy to just pump someone full of drugs and leave them in a hotel somewhere to die.

      The Saudis are a family of losers. They are security guards hired by DC to watch the gas station. It's absurd that these clowns walk around thinking they're royalty and/or business men. I think the older Saudis understood this, but the younger ones believe their own bullshit.

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    1. That investigator made an excellent case that OJ took the rap for his son.

  3. Next time the Saudis should just hire these guys: