Friday, September 28, 2018

The Insane Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing

By Robert Wenzel

As I have written before, it is pretty absurd to probe into a 35- plus years old attempted rape allegation.

There may be strong corroborating evidence in an occasional individual case dating back 35 years, but, in general, I doubt it, and none was presented during the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing yesterday in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill by either side.

So the hearing turned in, for most, to an insane case of somehow trying to determine whether Brett Kavanaugh or  Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth about something that may, or may not have occurred, more than 35 plus years ago.

Since they were claiming completely opposite things at least one was lying or at least one is delusional. They both sounded truthful.

Commentators were giving "the win" to Ford after her testimony but then Kavanaugh "came back strong" with his testimony.

Most will believe the testimony, based on pretty much nothing, of the individual they have supported from the start.

This isn't logical thinking,  It is the world where most want their person in power by any means necessary, emphasis on "power."

An examination of the important thing: whether the Patriot Act, invasion of privacy, supporting Kavanaugh will be better or worse for liberty was never brought up at any time during all the days of the Kavanaugh hearings by either Republicans or Democrats.

The masses aren't ready for liberty, they aren't demanding it from their representatives and so we are not getting it.

But, bread and circus acts we will get, as the chains are being made in the back room.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of


  1. Good commentary Robert.

    I really think one reason we don’t see the masses demanding Liberty, is the masses think they are free.
    Libertarians, PPS types, see freedom and Liberty with a completely different eye than the masses.
    Which is why it is crucial for us to keep pointing out what it is to have Liberty, and not compromise it at all.

  2. I'm against Kavanaugh for other reasons expressed here and elsewhere.

    Kavanaugh seems like a rich, privileged frat-boy, so who knows, but I disagree that Ford sounded truthful. Her entire demeanor was "flighty", which in one way would be exactly the type of person who would hang around the periphery of frat-types to be exploited. However, it's also the type of person who'd be easily exploited by Democrat operatives. And when she said she's "100% positive" it was Kavanaugh, her chin went down, her upper body folded slightly, and she looked out over the top of her HUGE glasses as if to say "don't hit me for lying".

    I found her demeanor to be very problematic, although Kavanaugh is probably also an ass; just maybe not a sexually-assaulting ass.

  3. It’s kind of like Russia-gate or the Obama birther scandal. When it comes to taking out a statist, there’s no such thing as inappropriate means.

    1. Political Nail meet Evan's unequivocal inconvenient point blank hammer. Unfortunately its another nail in the coffin of a dead republic!

  4. I like Dilorenzo's comment at LRC about this... reinforcement of "political motivations" equalling lying and or power grabbing manipulations in the public discourse is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm not saying he's lying or she is lying, no way to know that without evidence...