Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tom Woods On The Offensive: "I Think SJW Libertarians Are Probably Mentally Deranged"

Tom is on the attack and from the content of this video, it appears he is just starting.

Plus: Help Tom with his attack, and $1,000 will be donated to the Mises Institute!



  1. Hell yeah! Keep it growin’! Hair, too.

    $1000 bucks for a screenshot!

  2. Tom missed or evaded the main charge of his opponents. That (they charge) he's a racist They don't care if he's violent (Nazis and slave holders); they care that he has wrong thoughts.

  3. Robert, since debate challenges are being thrown around, challenge Tom to a debate on natural rights.

  4. If James Bond encounters a woman he can't seduce, he's probably pretty quick to assume she's a lesbian.

    Tom, they think we're deranged. If you want to change people's thinking, you have to start from where they're at, regardless of how you feel about it. I have personally converted self-described SJW's to libertarianism. It can be done. Step one is Stop whining about how crazy their ideas are . Our ideas are crazy to them. That's the lay of the land. Accept it. Libertarians are like intellectual plumbers. That's the life we've chosen. We can't whine about the crap.

    I think Tom is brilliant and an excellent communicator of libertarian ideas, but he just doesn't know how to talk to these people. He is so effective at talking to so many people that upon encountering those he can't get through to he is undermined by a frustration he has insufficient practice enduring, so he declares the task impossible. "These people are deranged." is a more appealing thought than, "I don't know how to effectively communicate with these people." He reminds me of an old person handed the controls to a video game. After a minute or so of no success they toss the controller and declare "This game is stupid. Video games are stupid. You're stupid. etc..."

    The problem is not that this game sucks. The problem is that you suck at this particular game. Going into Academic Beast Mode and shooting down all their attacks with wit, rigor, vim and vigor will certainly be an entertaining episode, but I think it is a short-sighted strategy. They're not crazy, their just enthusiastic and confused. It looks like crazy, but it isn't. Imagine if all the people hassling you were freed of their confusion and redirected their energy toward ends more useful to movement. Imagine all that SJW energy channeled into an anti-war movement.

    1. To the contrary, I have converted numerous SJWs. I have the testimonials. I am speaking here about SJW libertarians. These are people who for decades have been smearing Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and other great people in our movement. If you're thinking that these are just sweet, enthusiastic people who can be made to cheer the people they've smeared if I just play nice, you are not reasonable.

  5. "If you're thinking that these are just sweet, enthusiastic people who can be made to cheer the people they've smeared if I just play nice, you are not reasonable."

    This is exactly what the "Punch A Nazi" crowd has to say about the people they mistake as Nazis.

    They're deranged, I'm unreasonable. Oh boo hoo! Get a grip, Tom. They are culturally alien to you and you don't know how to navigate the landmines that litter their minds without triggering explosions.

    These people who see Nazis behind every tree are not pretending to see Nazis. They really think they see them, they're just not there. They have been conditioned to hear what you say and how you say it, then think "Nazi!" You can repeat yourself and continue to get the same result, or you can adjust your approach and hope for a better outcome.

    For whatever reason, the people who want to portray you as a Nazi are more effective at communicating with these people than you are. Dismissing them all as deranged hands their minds over to the enemy.

    I don't think of these people as enemies to be defeated. I think of them as captive cousins who have fallen into a trap. Their minds are cleverly boobytrapped to keep the truth at bay. Our task is to patiently dismantle the trap, and we should expect to take a lot of flak while doing it. Deranged! Unreasonable! These are lame excuses! That's our audience. That's America. It's full of deranged and unreasonable people. Finding ways to effectively communicate with deranged and unreasonable people IS our task. What else would you call all the people in the world who believe in Magic and call it government?

    "Behold, I send you out as sheep amidst the wolves."