Friday, May 4, 2018

And Just Like That, John Bolton Smacks Down 'Libertarians for Trump' Hope

The New York Times reported this morning that President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to prepare options for drawing down American troops in South Korea.

This would certainly give Libertarians for Trump something to cheer about, indeed, all libertarians.

But along comes Trump's new national security adviser, the neocon bloodthirsty, warhawk, John Bolton, with a hard slam of the report. He issued this official statement through the White House:
The New York Times story is utter nonsense.  The President has not asked the Pentagon to provide options for reducing American forces stationed in South Korea,
Take that Libertarians for Trump.

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. Bob, there are two opposite theories concerning Trump's behavior with respect to foreign policy (and almost everything else). The first and most popular (and one, apparently) that you hold) is that Trump has engaged in war bluster with North Korea and Syria and has surrounded himself with War Hawks precisely because he plans on launching new wars and continuing old ones right into the future. Why else bring nut-job John Bolton into the White House? The second theory is that almost everything that Trump does openly is a distraction and part of a negotiation process that he has employed (in business) for decades in order to achieve ends that are quite different from those openly stated. (Ken Fisher, the investment guru, made this point in an investment seminar that I attended several weeks ago. He has known Trump for 30 years). Which theory is correct? Only time and experience will tell.

    1. God oh God, I hope Fisher's right.

    2. Come on! Once the deep state has its come to Jesus conversation with all presidents they usually do what they are told. Trump is not skilled enough to do otherwise.

    3. "God oh God, I hope Fisher's right"
      That's what they said in '29


    4. Bolton and Pompeo didn’t join the Trump administration to sell US military withdrawal from Korea to the MIC and MSN, and Trump could care less about Koreans. Trump’s been a swindler his whole life. That isn’t a theory, it’s a fact.