Thursday, January 11, 2018

This Dumb Statist Just Came Out in Support of More Government Surveillance

The stable genius must have watched this earlier today:


He tweeted this out after the show:
Which caused the Deep State and the establishment to wonder what was going on since they all thought that Trump's minders had him under control for the advancement of this horrific FISA Act renewal.

So they must have threatened to take the Dumb Statist's remote control away because this came out two hours later:



  1. I should just put this in a document and cut - and - paste as needed:
    Trump's opinion is that of the last guy he talked to.

  2. This is what one gets when one supports these "law and order" badgelickers, its not a surprise. Glenn Greenwald also commented on twitter that people need to stop buying the notion that the Democrats are for civil liberties. Todays vote showed that