Friday, January 6, 2017

The Political Murray Rothbard: Good or Bad?

Wow, the below is a very important discussion between Tom Woods and Michael Malice.

It is clear Malice doesn't know the full Rothbard so that causes him to be much more harsh on Rothbard than he should be. On the other hand, some of his observations on the political Rothbard deserve more attention.

I really want to put together a full essay commenting on a lot of what was said in this podcast. I think it is that significant. I have a really full schedule right now but I an going to try to find some time in over the next week or two to get this done.




  1. Walter Block seems to be the heir of the political Rothbard with things like Libertarians for Trump.

  2. I understand that you are very busy and take that into consideration when things you plan on doing don't materialize at points; but I sincerely hope this will.

  3. Should have started him with Anatomy of the State.

  4. How many remember the "HATFIELD FOR PRESIDENT" issue of _Libertarian Review_?

    1. Erratum: I meant _Libertarian Forum_ edited by Murray for a number of years.