Friday, January 6, 2017

Inside the CIA vs. Military Intelligence War

Military intelligence clearly has President-elect Trump's ear. The CIA does not.

From The Washington Post on news that former CIA director R. James Woolsey Jr resigned from the Trump transition team:
People close to Woolsey said that he had been excluded in recent weeks from discussions on intelligence matters with Trump and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the incoming White House national security adviser. They said that Woolsey had grown increasingly uncomfortable lending his name and credibility to the transition team without being consulted....
“Jim is very uncomfortable being considered an adviser in an area where one might consider him an expert when he is not involved in the discussions,” one person close to Woolsey said. “To be called ‘senior adviser’ and your opinion is not sought is something he cannot handle.”

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  1. Yeah, because Woolsey was trying to get Trump to accept the "Russian hack" narrative, even though both Woolsey and Trump know that it isn't true.