Friday, January 20, 2017

At the Request of Donald Trump There Will Be FIVE Military Flyovers Today

The Huffington Post reports:
At the request of the president-elect, there are five military flyovers ― one for each branch of the armed services ― planned for Friday’s inaugural parade, Pentagon spokesman Maj. Jamie Davis told HuffPost.
The Air Force plans to fly four fighter jets: an  F-35, an F-16, an F-22 and an F-15E. The Navy will fly four F/A-18 combat jets. The Army will fly four UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. The Marines will fly four V-22 Ospreys. And the Coast Guard, which is still finalizing plans, is looking at flying four MH-65 rescue helicopters, Davis said. The number and type of planes used could change, depending on Friday’s weather, he added.
 Military flyovers are not typically part of inaugural parades. Outgoing President Barack Obama did not use any military aircraft at either of his inaugurations, the Defense Department official said. There were no flyovers at President George W. Bush’s 2005 inauguration, but he did have a flyover during his 2001 opening ceremony, which occurred two days before the inauguration. President Ronald Reagan considered including flyovers in his second inauguration in 1985, but one never materialized, the official said.


  1. Obviously, war is the health of the state.

    Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis knew what he was doing when he chose a statue of Athena/Minerva to stand atop the new Capitolium in April, 1857. The statue looks almost identical to a bowl from the Hildesheim Silver Treasure found in 1868; 1st century BC. The bowl featured a relief of Athena/Minerva in the center, and was plated with gold.

  2. There were reports he wanted to roll in the tanks and missle launchers a la North Korea- but that was put down. Some dove huh

  3. Who will be flying the predator drone?

  4. So much for cost cutting businessman instincts...