Thursday, December 15, 2016

Kissinger Supports Trump's Secretary of State Pick

It just got worse. 

Bloomberg reports:
Henry Kissinger, the 93-year-old foreign policy guru to world leaders, isn’t slowing down. On Wednesday he weighed in on Donald Trump’s pick of Exxon Mobil Corp. chief Rex Tillerson as the top U.S. diplomat, the importance of the ‘One-China’ policy and the president-elect’s decision to take a phone call from Taiwan’s leader.

Speaking to the Committee of 100, a non-profit that works on improving U.S.-China relations, Kissinger dismissed criticism that Tillerson’s work winning contracts with Russia for Exxon disqualifies him for the State Department job.

“I pay no attention to the argument that he is too friendly to Russia," Kissinger said. "As head of Exxon it’s his job to get along with Russia. He would be useless as the head of Exxon if he did not have a working relationship with Russia.”

Citing his acquaintance with Tillerson from serving together on the board of a Washington-based think tank, Kissinger praised Trump’s selection and added that "we should not think about these relationships as the personal relationship of individuals."
BTW, Tillerson's name came to the attention of Trump because of recommendations by Condi Rice and Robert Gates.

 Here is what David Stockman had to say about Gates in his new book Trumped!:
[T]he despicable Robert Gates...was one of the worst of the Cold War apparatchiks who looked peace in the eye...searching the globe for monsters to fabricate...

It was Gates who was architect of the demonization of Iran that became a staple of the War Party after 1991.

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  1. Great, Donald Trump is taking advice from America's foremost Vampire, Vampiress, Ghoul, and other assorted monsters of the Id to to pound out a foreign policy worthy of his hand picked perfumed princes of darkness, aka his generals.