Sunday, December 25, 2016

"In the Interest of Journalistic Integrity"

Graham Dugas emails in response to my post, REPORT: Trump Doesn't Want to Use the Phrase "Drain the Swamp" Anymore:
In the interest of journalistic integrity this deserves equal billing to your initial related article which asserted the contrary. Thanks. (I'm not a Trump fanboy)

 RW response:

Oh puhleeze.

I want to first note that when Trump tweeted a response to Gingrich's comment, I updated the post with his Tweet.

But more significant, after Gingrich made his comment, Corey Lewandowski had this to say:
Drain the swamp is probably somewhere down the bottom of Trump’s priority list.
Trump has placed three Goldman Sachs exec at the top of his administration and they are talking about an FDR-style infrastructure program. Does that sound like draining the swamp to you?

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  1. Bob, neither of those two clowns are involved in any way with Trump's team. In any case, if the only swamp draining he does is to smash the pedophiles infesting government then he will have done America, and indeed the entire world, a great service and drained the swamp enough to earn my gratitude. Indeed, many people would consider this a litmus test. Since he can't do anything until he's in office, I with old judgement until then.