Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Latest News on "Libertarian" Peter Thiel

The Washington Post reports:
Peter Thiel’s Palantir scores a win in fight for lucrative Army contract

Palantir Technologies, the Silicon Valley software firm, has won an audacious federal case that could allow it to further break into the Pentagon’s rigid procurement process by competing for a lucrative Army contract, the firm said Monday....

The case comes as the Pentagon is desperately trying to reach beyond its traditional contracting base and harness the innovation and energy of start-ups in places such as Silicon Valley. It has created a special office designed to reach out to those communities in California and recently opened a center in Boston.

The effort is a top priority for Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter, who has named Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google parent Alphabet, and Jeffrey P. Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, to the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board. (Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

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