Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Is That Rudy Giuliani's Shadow Behind the Release of the FBI Files on the Marc Rich Pardon?

I have already proposed that Rudy Giuliani is a key player in the Huma Abedin email case (SEE: Did the Deep State Set Up Anthony Weiner?).

If we accept the premise that Giuliani is a key Deep State operative assigned by the Deep State to, among other tasks, keep the FBI in line with the anti-Clinton campaign, it is not difficult to understand why it is very likely that Giuliani is the driver behind the Marc Rich pardon papers release. I mean who the hell cares about a pardon that was given in 2001 to a man that is now dead?

It might bloody Hillary a little but it is far from a game changer, especially this late in the game.

This is Rudy payback.

It should not be forgotten that it was Giuliani as the then United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York who was bringing charges against Rich for complex oil trades. Only an enforcer like Giuliani would bring this type of case. Short story: Rich was not violating the non-aggression principle.

When Rich got wind of the major indictment coming down against him, he hightailed it to Zug, Switzerland to avoided the charges. In the end, the major league shrewd operator Rich was one step ahead of Giuliani.

I am told that when Bill Clinton pardoned Rich, Giuliani was furious.

Releasing the FBI documents now appears to be a bit of Rudy payback. Clinton was very likely paid off to grant Rich the pardon and this is Rudy's way of putting this before the public once again.

NPR reports the story this way:

Just one week from Election Day, the FBI has made a somewhat puzzling release of information related to a controversial pardon Bill Clinton made on his last day in office almost 16 years ago.

On Tuesday, the law enforcement agency released documents related to the former president's pardon of Marc Rich, a former hedge-fund manager who had been indicted on multiple counts of tax evasion, wire fraud and racketeering.
It's not so puzzling though if you know the backstory and realize that Rudy has a long memory.



  1. Hey while your at it explaining all the anti-Clinton deep-stater activity, do you know what the deal is with that James Kaelstrom character being resurrected and suddenly appearing on the scene calling the Clintons criminals? Kaelstrom was the guy they brought out to go on TV and hilariously try to cover up the Navy shootdown of TWA 800. I would think that the pro-Trump deep-state faction would consider Kaelstrom's work for Clinton protecting our brave sailors from accountability in the 1990s as a noble and patriotic act. But they've used this Kaelstrom guy as a fixer for other things, so maybe the Clintons crossed him on something else.

  2. While I don't like Trump and can't stand Giuliani, I am getting a sick satisfaction at watching the train wreck in motion of Hillary Clinton. I plan to buy a bottle of champagne if Clinton does somehow get indicted and ends up in the slammer.

  3. Champagne? I think a new national holiday would be appropriate to commemorate her comeuppance.