Thursday, November 10, 2016

First Result of Trump Win: An Israeli Cabinet Minister Has Called for a Renewed Wave of Settlement Construction

An Israeli Cabinet minister has called for a renewed wave of settlement construction, reports AP.

More from AP:
Science Minister Ofir Akunis told Army Radio Thursday that, "We need to think how we move forward now when the administration in Washington, the Trump administration and his advisers, are saying that there is no place for a Palestinian state."

Earlier, Jason Greenblatt, one of Trump's advisers on Israel, told Army Radio that Trump doesn't believe settlement activity should be condemned and doesn't view the settlements as an obstacle to peace with the Palestinians.

Multiple U.S. administrations have condemned any construction on land captured by Israel in the 1967 war — land that Palestinians want for a future state.


  1. Bob, I assume you posted this in order to disparage it. But how does homesteading vacant land violate the NAP exactly? Unless you say that this unhomesteaded land on which Israel wants to build homes somehow belongs to Arabs. Is that what you are implying? There is no indication that Israel is planning to demolish Arab property in order to build.

  2. Hi Bob! Following Rafi's comment above, perhaps you may be interested in these articles we co-authored with Dr. Walter Block on the subject of Israel:

    Block, Walter E., Alan G. Futerman and Rafi Farber. 2016. “A Libertarian Approach to the Legal Status of the State of Israel.” Indonesian Journal of International and Comparative Law. Vol. 3, Issue, 3, June, pp. 435-553;

    Futerman, Alan, Rafi Farber and Walter E. Block. 2016. “The Libertarian Case for Israel.” October 13; The Forward;

  3. Can you guys read? I quote quote an AP story that says that Trump holds the view that there is no place for a Palestinian state? This is not about vacant land.

    2. Why the hell should the US have such a top priority view on this, if any at all?