Sunday, November 13, 2016

Donald Trump Meets Nigel Farage...

...and they talked about a Winston Churchill bust. Yes, this Churchill.

Here's the readout via the UKIP:



  1. Neither one of them knows how to tie a tie. While Trump isn't wearing one in this picture, you will notice that he always ties his ties so they extend a few inches below his belt. Farage's is like that in this pic, too. A tie comes to your belt. Not below, not above. Obviously, neither of them has read John Molloy's book, Dress for Success. (And before I get the obvious snarky replies, just think where they might be if they had dressed properly.) :-)

    1. Actually you should always have some glaring thing wrong for all the nit pickers so they can major in the minors while you get on with business. Like Trump's hair. While his detractors waste valuable time of the news cycle chatting about stupid things, Trump is way ahead of them hiring alt-right firebrand Bannon on the back channels who charted the course while putting the harmless deflector Conway in front of the cameras. Always give the detractors some morsel that they will be satisfied with while you feast on the main course. Suckers.