Monday, November 14, 2016

Donald Trump is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to the U.S. Socialist Movement

In time, libertarian support for Donald Trump will be viewed as a strategic error.

Trump will most likely be both a horrifically totalitarian president on the domestic front and a warring president on the global front.

From a longer-term timeline, blowback to Trump could very well usher in socialist rule in America.


  1. If the Blue Dog and Centrist Democrats who have been waiting for Clintons defeat are still around, now is the best chance for them to step forward for party leadership

  2. Trump in all likelihood will be bad, but bad compared to what?

    Again, if Hillary was elected the socialists would say her policies just didn't go far enough. Obamacare was a good start, but we needed single-payer. Obama's tax on capital were good, but we needed higher taxation.

    These people cannot be reasoned with. They are damaging their cause with these protests. We cannot let normal people forget these melt downs. This is a victory for libertarians.

    What we can do with normal people is when they say, "Can you believe Trump did X?" We respond, "I know it's horrible. Clinton would have done Y, which would have been just as bad, if not worse. We need someone in office who understands that the state should not be used to solve Z. Here is how that might work without government intervention. You see the state is the real problem, not the person in charge of it."

  3. Oh "protesters are calling for it".
    Well, i'm convinced.

    Except that virtually all supporters of Hillary Clinton are liberal-in-name-only, and are socialists already. But real socialists would not be so war mongering. And Trump has at least already proven that American people aren't going to stand for psychological bullying and thought police. He just won. Whether he will achieve anything or do what he promises doesn't make any difference to the fact that the people who voted for him are not going to magically disappear and allow for "socialist rule."

    Trump is not a libertarian, and actually supporting him as a libertarian is stupid for different reasons, but you are doing your credibility no good by painting different kinds of armageddon as a result of a Donald Trump win vis-a-vis a Hillary Clinton win.

  4. The good part is that this article isn't about Hillary Clinton's upcoming presidency.

  5. This assumes that the leftists are capable of learning anything (other than parroting dogma of the day spewed by their Dear Leaders). This is demonstrably false: no person capable of thinking for himself would support anything socialist after what socialists of all stripes did during 20th century.

  6. This entire thread of articles brings up the ultimate question when it comes to the possibility of a stateless society in at least some part of the territory currently claimed by the US: Is a "collapse" necessary, or can the US somehow undergo a peaceful transition away from stateism?
    By collapse I mean a situation where at least a majority of the persons living in the territory are reduced to subsistence farming or looting in order to survive, and where all forms of control on anything more than a very local level (among groups that are personally acquainted) are rendered impossible due to either a complete shutdown of communications or the prevalence of local armed groups that are able to successfully resist any centralizing force. Think Somalia or the possible near-term future in Venezuela.

    If collapse is necessary, then a move toward socialism in the near term is a positive development as a truly socialist government in Washington would move events along toward the collapse more quickly than the current system.

    An alternative to overall collapse is secession of various smaller territories, where some would embrace socialistic policies and undergo full collapse, while others would move in a more free-market direction and attract the best and brightest among those fleeing the socialist hellholes. This is the best-case scenario, as I think the mass of the population somehow converting to libertarian ideas without the spur of hunger and deprivation is highly unlikely. Comfortable people are nearly impossible to remove from their set ways of thinking.

  7. It seems to me that this was inevitable. You have all these socialist kids running around, who are indoctrinated through, what, 16+ years of education? They are all in for Cultural Marxism, identity politics, and social justice. Academia churns thousands of these fuckers out every year. They weren't going anywhere. Trump's election triggered a full-on culture war that was previously bubbling under the surface. Maybe it's for the best the reality of generation snowflake is exposed to the greater public now?

    Also, the election was totally *lost* by Clinton, not won by Trump. She was a lousy, unlikable candidate with more skeletons in her closet than her media allies could clean up. They did an insanely effective job of painting Trump as a dangerous racist but ultimately it wasn't enough to overcome the lack of enthusiasm for Clinton.

  8. I'm with Vance. I actually don't know any libertarians for trump.