Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump Talks to Blacks on Being the Nominee of the 'Party of Lincoln'

"Becoming the nominee of the party of Abraham Lincoln ... has been the greatest honor of my life," Trump told churchgoers at Great Faith Ministries, marking his first appearance at a black church, reports The Hill.

"It is on his legacy that I hope to build the future of the party, but more importantly, the future of the country."

"I'm here today to learn so that we can together remedy injustice in any form, and so we can also remedy economics so African-American communities can benefit economically through jobs and income."

 If I thought it would help, I would send Trump some Thomas books, Thomas DiLorenzo and Thomas Sowell, but Trump smells the presidential finish line and he will say anything to get there.


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  1. As edifying as those authors are, the last thing any politician wants is the diffuse benefits of freedom paid for by concentrated costs among the protected class. Educating the emperor is never the path to freedom, not even once in history, and certainly not now.

    Even Socrates gave us Alexander the Great, and Marcus Aurelius gave us Commodus. Commodus, for Pete's sake!