Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump Blasts Bill Clinton’s Suggestion that the United States Use Syrian Refugees to Rebuild Detroit.

RW Note: It should be kept in mind that the Syrians brought into the country by the U.S. government are planted here not based on the individual plans of Syrians, but based on the central planning of the U.S. government whereby the Syrians are placed and supported by the government. This is not free market immigration, it is plotting by the U.S. government. For the interests of the government. Not good. Free market immigration is fine, whereby a traveler has a place to go and a plan on how to survive, but not this stuff

 Trump Slams ‘Crazy’ Bill Clinton Plan to Give Detroit Jobs to Syrian Refugees
By Matthew Boyle and Julian Hahn

In an exclusive interview withBreitbart NewsRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump blasted Bill Clinton’s suggestion that the United States use Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit.

The populist billionaire denounced Clinton’s suggested proposal as “crazy” and “unfair” to American workers who are already living there and are in need of good-paying jobs.
“It’s very unfair to the people that are living there. I think it’s crazy,” Trump toldBreitbart on Thursday. “I mean, these people are getting started—I think it’s a very, very hard place to get your start.”

“We shouldn’t have them [i.e. Syrian refugees] in the country,” Trump added. “We don’t know who these people are. We have no idea. This could be the all time great Trojan horse. We have no idea who they are. The whole thing is ridiculous. Number one: we should build safe zones over in Syria, that’s what we should have, and we should have the Gulf states fund them. It’s just crazy. We ought to be building safe zones in Syria and not taking these people in– whether it’s Detroit or anywhere else.
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