Monday, September 5, 2016

POTUS Cancels Meeting with Philippines President After He Called Obama 'Son of a Whore' .

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

And there was also this:


  1. If you want to see the future of the war on (some) drugs taken to its logical conclusion, look no further than the Phillipines. Many want Trump to act this way on a number of fronts. Hillary may do so in a number of ways as well. Obama may look quaint in the rear view mirror.

  2. So who's not a libertarian?

    I have to admit, I would ABSOLUTELY vote for Rodrigo Duterte. I mean, while I personally prefer legalization, if you're going to fight a war on drugs, simply shooting the drug users and drug dealers does strike me as considerably more effective than forcing your entire population to move to credit cards and arresting their property any time they have more cash on hand than you dictate.

    Between Duterte, Putin, and Trump, we would appear to be entering the age of the Alpha President.

    Or you might enact my "Partial AnCap Now" proposal. Get rid of all laws against discrimination, abolish welfare and allow people to live in private communities with their own ByLaws, private streets and schools where they could ban drugs and druggies, and if they are SJWs, ban guns to their heart's content. All without black markets or gangbangers.

    Always ask a statist: WHY THE VIOLENCE?