Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Paid Agent of Swedish Intelligence Took Over 'Progressive' Media Outfit and Used It to Attack Assange

By Professor Dr Marcello Ferrada de Noli

In the first part of this series [1] The Indicter exposed that a former paid agent of Sweden’s Security Police had intervened with Amnesty Sweden (the Swedish section of Amnesty International), directly dictating its negative stance towards Julian Assange.
In this article I analyse whether Swedish government security agents, or ‘former agents’, have been further involved in a disinformation campaign against the founder of WikiLeaks and its whistleblower publishing. An important source here is the activity of Researchgruppen, the journalist-collective organization led by Martin Fredriksson, a former paid agent of the Swedish Security Police – or, as it’s better known by its Swedish acronym, SÄPO. [2]
Researchgruppen is an organization founded by Martin Fredriksson and others in 2010 (while he was still a paid agent of SÄPO) that claims to target extreme right-wing or right-conservative parties, organizations that, however, all share a staunch opposition to the incorporation of Sweden into NATO. Researchgruppen has also received support and assignments from Expressen, [5] one of the main Swedish evening newspapers, well-known for leading an earlier campaign against WikiLeaks and Assange on behalf of the previous Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt. [6] The funding ofResearchgruppen is secret as it is registered as part of Seppuku Media Ekonomisk Förening, whose nominal owner is  Martin Fredriksson [7]. This company was founded in 2007 at a time when Martin Fredriksson was working as an agent for SÄPO. [4] Fredriksson’s Researchgruppen, now led by Mathias Wåg, runs a broadcasting program called “My Special Interests” (Mina Specialintressen). [8]
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