Sunday, September 18, 2016

Police Have Identified "A Person of Interest" in NYC and Seaside, NJ Bombimg

The New York Times reports:
Late on Sunday, two senior law enforcement officials said they had identified a “person of interest” in the bombing, though they did not refer to that person as a suspect.

Senior law enforcement officials also said that they were increasingly focused on the possibility that the attack was connected to a bombing that took place 11 hours earlier in New Jersey, but the authorities still needed to compare all the bombs before drawing any conclusions. There, three pipe bombs were tied together, placed in a trash can and also employed by a flip cellphone as a timing mechanism, according to officials. Only one of the three pipe bombs detonated and no one was injured. Officials said the explosive in that device appeared to be black powder.


From CBS New York:
 NYPD sources said authorities have found an image in surveillance video showing a man “dropping” something near a dumpster prior to the blast in Chelsea that injured over two dozen people.

NYPD sources told CBS2 the person has not been identified, but they want to talk to him and others seen on video as potential witnesses in the area prior to the blast on West 23rd Street.

Police also have images from the second scene where a pressure cooker device failed to detonate on West 27th Street. Sources told CBS2 there are images of a man carrying what appears to be some type of case. They are looking to identify that individual as a potential witness and stopped short of calling him a suspect.

Police are using facial recognition software linked to criminal mug shot databases to try and identify.


Via NBC New York:
Senior law enforcemnet official tells @jonathan4ny videos from 23rd & 27th streets show same man may have been at both places

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