Saturday, September 17, 2016

BREAKING Tens of Thousands of Files from Clinton, Blumenthal Computers Available on Deep Web

PJ Media is reporting that the House and Senate Intelligence Committees may have access to the contents of an Eastern European computer, potentially Russian, and that hackers may have exfiltrated Hillary Clinton's, and her top confidant Sidney Blumenthal's, unsecured files by first hacking Marcel Lazar Lehel aka Guccifer.

From PJ Media:
One or more American whistleblowers recently informed the Intelligence Committees that the files taken by the unknown hackers are available at specific locations in the Deep Web.

A congressional source who is familiar with the information says these documents are being called for now "the Russian files."  Getting them did not involve hacking Russians or anyone else, but rather locating the images that the files left behind while the unknown hackers moved them through the Deep Web.  When Clinton associates thought they were deleting her files, they may not have realized that files leave images even in the Deep Web when moved by hackers.

A preliminary review of the files indicated that they contain unclassified as well as potentially classified information, including one document relating to Benghazi that probably should have been highly classified and comes from one of Hillary Clinton's private computers.
 Congress has learned that the FBI knew about the foreign exfiltration of that document from Clinton's server weeks before Director James Comey announced his decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her use of private email.  Comey testified to Congress that Guccifer denied hacking Clinton and that Clinton was "probably" hacked, but did not allude to having received any information that she was hacked.

Wow, so we have thousands of Hillary emails out there and the FBI apparently aware of it but covered for Hillary.

And what are these Deep Web "images"? Is this  the major league internet providers capturing data for the FBI and other agencies that is now blowing back on the FBI?

Interesting times my friends.



  1. All the biggest players are deeply involved with HildaBeast and her criminal operations. That's why she will NEVER be charged and arrested.

  2. The deep web? Is that doublespeak for copying everything that travels on the internet

  3. Robert, the "images" likely refer to the imprints of those files on the hard disks of any servers they passed through.

    When you delete a file, the operating system simply marks the space the file takes up as "available". It does not rewrite the bits on the hard drive. So, the contents of the file could still be recoverable for a long time, until the bits slowly get overwritten by new files.

    Ensuring a total erasure would require an extra, time-consuming step, of doing a low-level format, like Hillary's staff performed on her private server.

    However, if there were any inadvertent cloud backups of these files, those cloud servers would still have the imprint of those files on their hard disk, even if they were deleted -- as long as no low-level format was performed. It is highly unlikely such a format would have happened, since these servers are in continuous use.

    If a hacker gains access to these cloud servers, they may perform data recovery on those hard disks and access those files.