Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Will the Libertarian Party Be Able to Recover After Johnson-Weld?

I wonder.

Just how did these two ever gain the nomination in the first place?
Even National Review points out the many deviations these two have from conventional libertarianism:
Those Wacky, Carbon-Tax-Backing, ‘Guns-Are-WMDs’ Libertarians

It’s a shame the Libertarian Party couldn’t nominate, you know, actual libertarians this year. Even if you let Johnson off the hook on [his] not-very-detailed support for a carbon tax...

Johnson and Weld praised Stephen Breyer and Merrick Garland as their kind of Supreme Court justices. That’s the pro-affirmative-action...Justice Breyer...

[Johnson] opposes cutting federal funding for Planned Parenthood. He thinks it’s okay for New Mexico to fine a photographer for refusing to work at a gay wedding, because “on the basis of religious freedom, being able to discriminate — something that is currently not allowed — discrimination will exist in places we never dreamed of.”...

Finally, the vice-presidential nominee of the party that’s supposed to stand for individual liberty recently talked about how the most popular rifle in America and handguns are on par with nuclear weapons. No, really. I wish I was making this up, but there’s video...

Great choices, Libertarians!
For Johnson-Weld to have gained the nomination, clearly, the Libertarian Party has been infiltrated with those who don't understand what libertarianism is or who believe it is just fine to go against principle to gain power or are just Johnson-Weld cronies.

With these types lurking in the party, I would consider it a lost cause until proven otherwise.

Johnson-Weld are diluting to a remarkable degree the libertarian message. They must be intellectually attacked at every opportunity as unprincipled, sell out, opportunists.

As for the party itself, it would take a lot of work to start filling the rank and file with sound libertarians. It is not clear at all that it will happen--especially as long as Johnson wields his destructive influence.



  1. Standard military rifle holds 5 shots? Since when? Ww1? "Then when u add a "clip" to it,(it's a magazine not a clip) or you take out the pin to make it full auto, that's when it's a weapon of mass destruction. Btw, simply "taking out the pin" does not make an AR-15 a full auto. More blow hard BS fear mongering from a politicion who simply does not have a clue what he is talking about.
    Hello Libertarian tardos for Johnson - Weld, anything that holds more than 5 rounds is a weapon of mass destruction. Doesn't that make an owner of such a weapon a terrorist? Seriously? You think these guys won't go after guns? But Hillary will? Good grief, these guys are flat Statist authoritarians from the word go, and they are making the Libertarian name a middle of the road socialist brand.
    Not good.

  2. Control and infiltrate the enemy. Weld is clearly a shill. He has no business running in the libertarian party. Johnson at least gad some libertarian leanings but is a mentally weak thinker and he will be led by his handlers to make the libertarian cause a joke.

    God Bless Harry Browne.

  3. The LP was essentially given a golden opportunity with the nominations of Trump and Hillary and blew it big time. IF the goal is liberty then you can't pander to liberals and you cant pander to conservatives.

  4. I'm not sure Gary Johnson would be better than Trump -- he might be a lot worse!

  5. I've been saying that Trump is more libertarian than the candidate for the Libertarian party, and it's true.

    Have you noticed all the media that these two clowns have been getting? Only because the media establishment wants Trump defeated. If it was Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush you would hardly see anything about these two in the media at all.

  6. listen to you muppets whinge any ither candidate would have got 5 votes the idiots here whinging. Gary and Bill are the best thing to happen to the party finally we have a shot. bloody people like you are the reason we have idiots like trump and clinton having a chance.

    1. This isn't about winning an election. This is about winning brains. You've got the nominees from the party that's supposed to represent unfettered liberty talking about .22 caliber poodle shooters being weapons of mass destruction. They are collectivist and socialist lite. All you propagate in that instance is firstly the validation of the other two parties and their more government and intervention in our personal lives is better BS, and second, the misperception that being a milder variation of that warped mindset is better and somehow will be the chance we've all been looking for.

      You're dead wrong on all counts. You make a stand on liberty. You be the baseline for that to guide all the others who have no idea what kind of beast collectivism is when Venezuela comes home to roost.

  7. I'm definitely seeing the effects of the Johnson/Weld campaign on libertarian circles on Facebook. The campaign group-think has settled in and now libertarians are all about carbon taxes, universal basic income, and eliminating religious freedom. Any new people brought into the party are being taught these concepts -- no better than the Communist Party.