Tuesday, August 23, 2016

EMAIL DISCLOSURE Nap Time for Hillary

Hilarious report by Daily Caller:
Emails Show Huma Used To Put Hillary Down For Nap Time

An email in WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton archive shows Huma Abedin served as the Director of Nap Time while working at the State Department.

Abedin sent the email in question to Clinton on January 11, 2013, ahead of a meeting with the French Foreign Minister [Laurent Fabius].

The email did not contain a message in the body, yet the subject line reads “Reminder fabius at 3:30. Take a nap [sic].”
As libertarians shouldn't we want napping officials?



  1. Dude, you very loosely throw around lines like this. Hillary was literally sleeping during the Benghazi incident in which US citizens died (and yes, I know about the illicit activities taking place there). Do we want a president napping when there are terrorists in a US city carrying a suitcase nuke? Of course not.

  2. Haha love it! Don't listen to these wet blankets Robert, keep spitting on the emotional con game 2016.

    Although, a napping Hillary leaves Huma in charge, which is scary ...

  3. Would much rather the officials be NAP-ing.