Saturday, August 6, 2016

What do the Crazy Lefties Really Think and How Dangerous Are They?

This commentary by Tucker Carlson is the best I have seen on the Hillary Clinton left and what they will do to gain power, and why they think they deserve it. Find the time to watch this one.




  1. I used to think Carlson was a lightweight, but he's proven his toughness over the years. How many guys with a comfortable position in the MSM would deign to talk in friendship with Alex Jones?

  2. Carlson claims no one has been able to explain why "massive" immigration has been good for America or what good has been achieved from the trade deals. At least he says no one on the Democratic side has ben able to explain any of this, which is kind of silly considering he be attempting to obtain e onomic answers from nitwits. Of course immigration is good for the economy because you increase the pool of labor - especially if Americans are sitting idle waitin for those "high-paying jobs" politicians always promise them - which means costs of production for goods and services are kept low. It increases Division of Labor and Specialization which also leads to an increase in productivity in the economy. And the trade deals, if true that they increase the power of the state in terms of central control of the economy, have also meant the lowering of barriers to goods which benefit the poor by increasing the value of their money. It is very easy to tell a person like Carlson what good these two things bring to the economy but it is most likely he will never ask me, or Robert, or an Austrian economist. Heck, he hasn't asked his colleague in Fox Business News, Kennedy, because he's deadly-affraid of her.