Friday, August 5, 2016

Trump Endorses Paul Ryan

The great negotiator folds again.
The establishment will sleep well tonight. Donald Trump is under control.



Trump made the announcement during a campaign stop Friday in Green Bay.

He says, “I support and endorse our Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,” adding that while they “may disagree on a couple of things,” they agree on a lot as well.



  1. Who is this man and what has he done with Donald Trump?

  2. John McCain and Paul Ryan. I wonder how many anti-establishment people still hold to the hope that Donald Trump is going to break things up if elected.

  3. Didn't Ryan not endorse Trump right away. Not endorsing Ryan was just returning the favor.

  4. Wait, doesn't this endorsement of "Open Borders" Ryan undermine Trump's strict immigration policy? He may have bullets left, but how many feet does he have? And yet as this inside outsider becomes more inside than out his numbers don't seem to take a hit. Huh.

  5. For whatever reason, the majority of individuals cannot seem to grasp that the political system is completely corrupt. This is the natural course of things within any political system in the long term given the monopolistic nature of the institution.

  6. A pity. I support Trump but the most important aspect of his candidacy is his ability to destroy the GOP. For me that comes first. Electing Trump is not so important.